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Based in metro Detroit, MI, region, AMJ Staffing is a full-service industrial recruitment agency. With over 25 years of collective experience, we’ve offered contract, contract-to-direct, and direct-hire services to qualified candidates and hiring companies within industrial sectors, including robotics, engineering, manufacturing, and automation since 2015.

Since our inception, we’ve been committed to helping hiring companies save time, money, and resources and supporting talented individuals searching for rewarding job opportunities. Our expertise lies in research, recruitment, and retention—we have a thorough vetting process that helps our recruiters understand the needs of both hiring managers and job seekers. This vetting process ultimately helps companies hire the most qualified candidate while ensuring candidates are matched with an opportunity that provides them with the most value.

Chief Executive Officer

Cindy DiRosa

  • 30+ years working as a Manager for Business Suppliers in Human Resources/Staffing
  • 20+ years as a working CEO
  • 7+ years as a sole business owner
  • Wellness Enthusiast

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Workplace Wellness

AMJ Staffing partners with Workplace Wellness to provide access to alternative services for our clients to help create more healthy, engaged workplaces. Workplace Wellness can help your company harness the modern wave of wellness through services like:

  • Mobile App that offers 24/7 Wellness Resources
  • Wellness Coaching/Consulting
  • Employee Surveys & Assessments
  • Company Competitions
  • Virtual or Onsite Workshops and Events
  • Wellness Program Promotions

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