Clients: Myths Surrounding Staffing Companies

There are a lot of misconceptions around employers using staffing companies and if you’ve never worked with one yourself, you may be surprised to learn a lot of these preconceived notions are myths. AMJ is here to clarify what staffing companies really do for their clients!  

Myth #1: Staffing companies can only provide service with entry level positions. 

Staffing companies place candidates in positions of all levels – from entry to executive. A good staffing company should be considered a bonified consultant, working as your partner to understand your company culture. We are an extension of you, and as such, are qualified to fill any position you may have.  

Myth #2: The candidates sent through companies are usually unreliable and unskilled. 

A reputable staffing company will take their job very seriously, they are not just “head hunters”. Every candidate is evaluated, interviewed, background checked, and drug screened to make sure they are a right fit for your company. You can rest assured that they will always have the experience, skill-set, and talent requested of your organization.   

Myth #3: You may end up paying more if you hire employees using a staffing company. 

The reason you pay a staffing company is because we provide you candidates with top-rated talent, skills, and knowledge while saving your company time, hassles, and resources. There is more to consider than just wage when onboarding a new employee, you must keep in mind benefits, paid holidays, taxes, workers compensation, etc. Staffing companies take on these additional costs and work to find you employees that will add value to your company for years to come. 

Myth #4: Staffing companies cannot find candidates that you couldn’t find yourself. 

Staffing companies are trained to find you the most qualified candidates for your company culture and position. Most candidates sent to companies via a staffing company are passive – meaning they were not actively looking for a new position, therefore they cannot be found online by just anyone. Recruiters have a wide range of networks, referrals, and resources that you might not otherwise have access to. Using a staffing company opens the door to an entire pool of skilled candidates that could potentially be a perfect fit for your organization.  

Staffing companies exist to save you time and money in your employment process. According to CareerBuilder and the American Staffing Association “more than 90 percent of growing companies use placement firms to find the perfect candidate for their job.” Quality, pre-vetted candidates lead to longer term employees. Longer term employees mean less turn-over and reduced repeated training/hiring expenses. And who isn’t happy about less expense?